Meet Mama

Hot Mama’s was born out of a creative passion to add some spice to your life!
Here’s a little history…

Hot Mama’s Salsa Inc. was founded and created by Diana Loomis in 2005. She was born and raised outside of the Chicago area, at a young age she remembers cooking alongside her madre and abuelita learning how to prepare their families multi-generational recipes.  She had a love for cooking and knew that one day that inspiration would transpire.  After living in Denver for a brief period, Diana and her husband decided to pick up and head further west with their two sons, David and Daniel.  p.s. Daniel requested his name be mentioned. They moved to Bozeman, Montana in October of 2003.  Today, she is a big hearted supporter of the Bozeman community and has come to love the culture and opportunities it has to offer to small businesses and families.

We get asked a lot “Are you a restaurant?”

The simple answer is no.  Here’s what we can tell you.  Hot Mama’s makes fresh salsa in small batches and delivers it to local and commercial grocery stores, as well as some restaurants throughout Montana.  You can participate in Fill your container year round on Wednesdays at their kitchen.  In the Summer months on Saturdays, they attend The Gallatin Valley Farmers Market at the fairgrounds selling hot breakfast burritos, take n’ bake enchiladas with veggie or meat fillings, chipotle dips made with our homemade chili ancho sauce, pico de’ gallo, guacamole, their housemade drink mixes and of course their signature Hot Mama’s Salsas.  Ole’!  Our foods are a true Mexican delight made with extra special love!

“Food is life and part of life should be to eat well.”

Being a business owner, Diana believes it is important to take a “hands on approach.” Hot Mama’s hand selects their produce, buys from local businesses, and takes special care when making their foods. You’ll also see the Hot Mama’s mobile delivering salsa around town to local grocery stores and restaurants. Paying attention to the small details is a key ingredient in her process.

“I feel it’s very important to take really good care of yourself so then in return you can help others.”

Her company is one way she can give back.  With her positive energy, inspiring sense, and passion for life,  Diana’s authentic Mexican dishes tantalize our taste buds and nurture our hearts as only the best mama can.