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To make our salsas with love, we have to love what we do.

Our amazing team members bring joy, laughter and positive vibes

into the kitchen every day. Meet the people who turn the freshest ingredients into that made-with-love salsa you enjoy.


Salsa Master Extraordinaire


If George were one of our salsas, he’d be Hot, “because I’m full of flavor with some spice.” He is one of those rare team members who is kind, generous and friendly, with a smile that always lights up the kitchen. He has strong family values, loves cats, snowboarding, and playing the drums.


George takes pride in his work, whether it’s purchasing produce or delivering salsas. “I see something start from scratch and within a few days there’s 100’s of gallons of salsa made and being delivered to grocery store shelves.  It’s so satisfying.”  


His background in production and management has led him on a delicious gourmet journey. He has worked extensively in breweries and wineries, and is currently pursuing a Sommelier certification. 


George truly cares about the imprint he leaves on each person he meets, and is a valuable member of our Hot Mama’s Team. Thank you George for your service to Hot Mama's. We appreciate you.


Head Prep Chef


Kyrie’s favorite way to serve Hot Mama’s Salsa? Guacamole! “We make it for each other, but we don’t sell it. I like to mix them together,” she says.  She likes to mix in a spoonful of hot, with a little mild or medium and serve it to her friends. Kyrie sees food as a way to cultivate relationships with people.


Raised in the Flathead Valley in Montana, she graduated with honors from MSU, earning a degree in sustainable food and bio-energy systems. Her passion for food and her infectious energy make her the ideal head prep chef for Hot Mama’s. She has implemented a composting and garden at our facility, and is always coming up with innovative ideas to conserve and repurpose. 

Kyrie is a dance performer and huge advocate for the LGBTQ community. She is also an avid cyclist, and even rode her bike from Washington State to the coast of Maine, in only 4 months! Thank you, Kyrie for inspiring us with your innovative mind and fun energy!

The Original

Hot Mama

  Diana Loomis founded Hot Mama’s Salsa, Inc. in 2003 after settling in Bozeman, Montana. Having grown up outside of Chicago, Diana remembers cooking alongside her Madre and Abuelita, learning how to prepare their family’s multi-generational recipes. Inspired by her Grandmother’s salsa recipes, Diana’s love of cooking and passion for her family’s authentic Mexican cuisine became a recipe for success.


  Hot Mama’s produces small batches of fresh salsa, distributing it to local stores, commercial grocers and restaurants in Montana and beyond. During the summer they offer breakfast burritos, take n’ bake enchiladas (veggie or carnivore), homemade ancho chipotle dips, fresh pico de’ gallo and guacamole. “Oh, and the pina colada mix is the best you’ll ever taste. Our foods are a true Mexican delight!” laughs Diana. 


  “People can tell when their food is made with love,” Diana believes. Hot Mama’s hand-selects their ingredients, buys from local businesses, and takes special care when making their fresh salsas and seasonal entrees. You’ll also see one of Hot Mama’s team personally delivering salsa to grocery stores. “Paying attention to the little details is a key ingredient to my food and my business.”

  Diana is a big-hearted supporter of the Bozeman community, because its culture offers so many opportunities for small businesses, individuals, and families. “It’s very important to take good care of each other”, she states.  Hot Mama’s Salsa is one way she can give back. Diana’s positive energy and passion for life nurtures our hearts and tantalizes our taste buds like only the best Mama can.

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